Run Fit Running Club

Central Ohio and Columbus Area Runners ...

After 5 amazing years, Run Fit Running Club has decided to 'officially' disband at the end of 2016.  We had an amazing time, made new friends, and our runners and walkers accomplished amazing things. Many of our former members will continue to meet in an unofficial capacity, every Saturday at Antrim Park at 8:00am (Upper parking lot by the tennis courts) starting January 2017. You are more than welcome to come out as we would love to meet new people and find additional running partners.

Columbus, OH 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon training

If you are looking for formal training or seek a certified running coach, please feel free to reach out to Steve Carmichael.  As the founder and head coach for Run Fit Running Club, Steve coaches middle school, high school, and adult runners regardless of age and ability. Any goal, any race, any distance, you wish. Everyone can benefit from having a running coach regardless of skill or ability and Steve can work with you to customize your training.  

  In addition to customized your training, Steve can help you with the mental side of training such as  building a strong, fitness mindset, accountability, mental training techniques and more. Steve can also help with injury prevention, nutrition and fueling, weight loss through running, speed training, and more. 

In addition to coaching adult runners, Steve can work with your middle school or high school athlete to prepare off season for Cross Country. 

 Steve has coached hundreds of runners locally in the Central Ohio area through Run Fit as well as hundreds more online with his PaceBuilders Training System, a hybrid coaching model that combines the best of private 1:1 coaching with the cost savings of group coaching.  Steve is also founder and host of the RunBuzz podcast, a popular running podcast that can be found in iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and other popular podcast directories. Steve is certified through USA Track and Field (USATF) and the Road Runner's Club of America (RRCA). For more information, contact Steve, here.